Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's a boy!!!

Wow! What an amazing day! I was starting to believe that I wasn't really pregnant. I mean, I still throw up, but I'm not showing at all, and haven't felt anything yet. It didn't quite seem real to me.
And then, there he was, on a 42" screen. This squirming, wiggling creature living inside of me. A beautiful son.(Or a strange looking alien, if we're being honest.) I think Scott and I were both bawling when she told us. I'm not sure that either of us ever thought this day would come. And then to see his face, his little hands and feet, his perfect heart beating. What a gift...

On the house front, I think we FINALLY get the key today!!! This has been so crazy! Seems like it's been one delay after another. We closed last Thursday, then were informed that we couldn't have the key because the bank wanted 3-5 days to look over the Settlement Statement. Whatever...

This coming weekend we'll be busy with the move, the bridal shower, and sharing the news of our sweet son.

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  1. Congrats! This is great news! I'm excited to see a Scott and Rebecca baby!!