Monday, February 2, 2009

Our New House!!!

Well, it looks like we're getting close to having a new home to move into. Rebecca will be closing on her condo in a couple of weeks and then if all goes well I'll be closing on mine a couple of weeks later. The house we have under contract is in Sandy, Utah. For those of you out of state Sandy is a southern suburb of Salt Lake City and will put me closer to my work, but give Rebecca a longer commute. For you locals, the house is around 2200 East and 10200 South.

It is a rambler, about 3,000 square feet. Six bedrooms, three bathrooms, finished basement, fenced yard for Emma to run around in, a very open floor plan and in a very desirable neighborhood. The house has been foreclosed; so we are getting it for well under market value for the area. We had a home inspection done on Sunday and even though the house is 20 to 25 years old it doesn't have too many major issues wrong with it. There are a couple of things we'll need to address right away; but a lot of it is comestic or can be done over time. One of the more interesting aspects of the house is the garage; which I'll let Rebecca explain more in detail later.

One thing Rebecca was looking for in a home was a coat closet and we both now realize we don't have one with this house, but I think we can make due. Thankfully, after the inspection we both decided there wasn't anything that would make us not buy the house at this point. This was the only home we looked at that Rebecca felt see could see us living in. We'll need to outfit the kitchen with new appliances and get some new furniture. If the financing comes through we should be able to move in the first weekend in March. It will be good to be in a home before the wedding.

The one logistical downside is that both of us need to be out of our condos before we close on the house. So, we will probably be staying with Rebecca's parents for a couple of weeks before we move into the house. Lucky for us they're willing to have us for awhile.

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