Monday, February 2, 2009


Seriously, WTF were they thinking??
This is the garage in our new house. It's BRIGHT YELLOW!!! Please note, not only are the walls yellow, but the WINDOWS have been painted yellow! (See the smiley faces finger-painted onto the glass?) The ceiling is yellow! The back of the garage door is yellow! The stairs into the house are YELLOW!! What were they smoking??

In our first walk-through of the house, we opened the door to the garage, peeked in, and it had a yellow cast. I thought there was yellow paper over the windows. But during the daylight, with the garage door open, Scott and I were blinded by the Pittsburgh Steeler's-yellow! Suddenly we had been transported to the sun!

And what's up with the blood-red door? I never thought I'd feel the need to paint a garage, but this garage will be painted, before it does permanent damage to our retinas!


  1. Honey, I laughed for 20 minutes this morning when I read this blog!!! We will definitely be painting this garage. What do you think about Cardinal Red?

  2. You could call it Ram's Gold and let it stay.