Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still pregnant..

I saw my dr. today, and he still thinks I'll deliver early. In fact, he said he won't let me go past 38 weeks, which is the week of July 17. It could still be any time between now and then if he sees anything he doesn't like (baby's not active, quits growing, etc.), but at the very most, we'll have a baby in a few weeks! As awful as bedrest has been, it seems to be working.
Here is my 34 week picture:

It's scary, but we're so excited, and the pregnancy hasn't been easy, so it's nice to have the end in sight.
We're going to Bear Lake this weekend, so I can lay on a different couch :) I need the change of scenery, and my family will be up there. Besides, it will be last trip for a while!
Last month we were able to go to Seattle to visit our dear friends Jenn and Paul, and their daughter Isabelle. Isabelle is a pure joy, full of energy and smiles. It was great to spend more than an hour or two with Jenn, since most of our visits over the last few years seem to revolve around a quick lunch.
Now our focus is on this new little addition to our already blessed lives.

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